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Empty Tank, what would you do?????

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I have a 75 gallon tank that currently has only has 2 pictus cats for inhabitants.

What would you stock with? Looking for ideas.
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A wet pet...

Either a buttikoferi (alone)


A carpintis 'escondido' with some other native fish - (Rupununi has a native tex/mex 75g starting up now)

Here's the link... ... p?t=224409

But I'd personally do the butti because I've been dying to do a "wet pet" tank :thumb:
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I would go out and get me a couple of Pumpkinseed Sunfish

and a brindled Madtom

and call it good :thumb: But thats just me, and you know how much i loves my Natives LOL
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I also love native fish aquariums.

I have had perch, logperch, and large mouth bass before.

Maybe I should go with one of those again.
I would start by adding 3-4 more pictus. they are a shoaling species that can be really cool kept this way. It would make for a really active bottom. I would then likely do a pair of sevs or chocolates and maybe some larger tetras or deep bodied siver hatchets.
African Rift Lake cichlids, either mbuna or hap/peacock all male.
add a few more pictus cats. as stated schooling fish. Then a add a center piece or pair. Maybe a pair of firemouths as they dont mess with my pictus. Heck my Oscar doesnt mess with my pictus but he is only 2.5" max.
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