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Emergency preparedness

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Hi folks!

What with all the floods and fires and earthquakes lately, I thought I'd ask about disaster preparedness for fish. I lost nearly all my stock during a power outage which occurred while I was out of town this past January. How do you deal with situations like this? I'm extremely attached to my fish. How can I keep them safe during a power outage or other crises? If there was sufficient time to pack some things in an evacuation, how would I transport my fish and keep them going until I could get them back into their tanks?

If those of you out there with emergency plans in place could describe them, please do! I'm interested to hear from folks with simple or elaborate setups, store-bought or DIY. What supplies do you keep on hand, and what equipment do you have set up?

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To take the fish with you, put them in a large cooler with water out of the tank. keep a good bubbler in the cooler with a heater of course. keep testing the water for amonia or any other spikes and use seachem Prime to keep youre toxins down and dont feed the fish. just keep the water airrated at all time.
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