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electric yellow dead???

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it hapens like this....,
i have 5 electric yellow in my tanks, 4 of them already reach the mature age, and finally a pair of them are spawning, yesterday my female pregnant electric yellow that already spawning just dead, what happen to her???? i just confused because before she dead she keep swim on the surface, and not eat at all.... :-?
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Well to be hones no one can tell you what exactly happened...
It could be stress, it could be bloat,water conditions…no one can say...

My advice refers to what should you do now… transfer the fishes into another tank, if you have one and change water completely, if not change approx 50% of water and add some water treatments like chlorine neutralizers and stuff…I don't know what else to say.

Something like that happened to me, in my case it was Ps. Coral Red, I was alarmed but all I could do was what I wrote you above…

Sorry if I am brute but that's the way it is…
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