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CONRAM said:
I bought 2 at the ACA 2000 convention. I was thrilled at first, but it did not take long for me to be disapointed. They were so skittish and hid most of the time. They backed down to anything that would display to them. They did not seem to grow quickly either. Some other folks on this site have had better results. As far my overall opinion, the Electric Blue Dempsey is an overrated piece of c*ap. :(

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They do grow slow and can be skittish. I have 6 of them at the moment. They grow about half the rate the regular jds grow. They are smart cichlids when they feel they need to fight, they fight. When they fell they need to take flight they take flight. It really depends on on tank mates. CONRAM said they were from 2000, and that was 11 years ago when they haven't been bred in lines of wcjd and regular jd to strengthen the gene. I have wars on video of ebjds and jds scrappin' when pairs form, they can do the same as another jd given an equal oppertunnity. Sorry about your experience CONRAM, maybe you will see the difference if you decide to try em out again. To each his own :thumb:
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