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Electric Blue Jack Dempsey group 18 months old

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This is apart of a group of 270 ebjd that I raised from hatch. THe are extremely energetic as you will see.
Hope you enjoy watching. They are pretty awsome! Thanks Rick

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ENVY :eek: I bow to that tank. I just spawned my first pair of ebjd and BGJD. I hope to have my tank like that in a year or so. Awesome fish!
Thanks for the nice comments, It has taken many years to get it right.
Well kudos to you. I am taking that path myself. If it takes years then so be it. I want .... no I need a tank like that.
Wow. Speechless. :thumb:
i feel like a kid in the candy store. idk which one to drool over first... =D>
I haven't been interested in large south american cichlids until I saw this video. I'm beginning to appreciate them. How much money would you say a LFS would sell one of those EBJD?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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