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Electric Blue Fryeri won't eat.

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Hey, I have a 85 mixed (mbuna, peacock) tank, the readings are all spot on 0/0/<20 with a pH of 8.1

Recently I added a few new fish to the tank ( the Electric was one of them) after quarantine. All of the other fish are doing great, eating well, starting to show some color.

Except for him, he shows good color, and there is no harassment that I've seen, he just has no interest in eating and it is getting close to 2 weeks! I haven't seen any fish poop from him, white or otherwise, so I don't know.

p.s. I also feed my fish NLS.

Thanks for your help.
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How is the stress level in the tank?

What is the full stock list?

Was the fish eating in QT?

Any reclusive behaviour?

For now, I would add epsom salt to the tank at 1 cup per 100G - dissolve it in some tank water first. This is a good preventative for bloat, but if a fish is already infected, it won't change things. This will buy you some time to closely observe the tank and determine what is going on.
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