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I have 2 C360's and ran them with the stock filtration and was not real happy...I then added pot scrubbers...still not real happy...I then did the following (based on someone else from here's recommendation)

bottom basket - efimech with the stock course bacl sponge on top
2nd basket from bottom - stock course black sponge and then blue bonded filter pad
3rd basket from bottom - the stock ceramic rings with 2 layers of blue bonded filter pad
top basket - seachem matrix with filter floss on top

The combination of the efimech and the seachem matrix has greatly helped my setup (75g) - my water is clearer longer, and my water readings are always in line even 2-3 weeks between water changes. I threw away the C360 stock bio balls...I was not real impressed with them either....on another note, I DO like the c360 filters (I have two of them), but when you figure in the cost of me buying the eheim substrate and then the eheim spraybars (the stock c360 outlet is ghetto imo), I could have just bought a couple of eheim pro's for just a little less time, that is what I will do, because the quality of eheim is far superior imo (but you pay for doubt). The c360 is a great filter for the money though...
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