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About 2-3 weeks ago I installed my new Eheim 2215. It was the hardest thing I've done in my life!!! Actually it took about 2 hours, and toughest part was priming the filter. The frustration and money was well worth it! My tank looks amazing.

So yesterday I opened the filter and cleaned the course and micro filter pads (blue and white ones). The filter itself was full of a water/brown "stuff" mixture. I threw that stuff down the toilet. It was amazing how much brown stuff there was, compared to the brown stuff found in my HOB filter.

So here's my first question... Is that brown "stuff" fish poo-poo that should be dumped, or is it wonderful beneficial bacteria that I should not throw out?

Here's my second: I have a HOB that I'm leaving in my tank (at least for now). I have a 55 gallon. As you are looking at the tank:

a. the spray bar is to the far left, spraying to the right
b. The Eheim intake in the middle
c. HOB to the right.

Is that ok? Should the spray be in the middle, or spray toward the front, or does it matter?

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