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Hi, I just cleaned my eheim 2215 filter and when I re-connected it, I stupidly opened the output side QD prior to opening the input side QD and allowed some air to be sucked into the filter. When I reversed the QD's and filled the canister / started the pump the filter made a kind of grinding noise and then started pumping but it sounded like air was still in there. This went away after about a minute, but the air sound came back when I shifted the filter into it's position. Being curios I shifted it again after the sound went away the second time and the nose came back.

Do I just have allot of air in the system?
Will all the air be purged out (shouldn't that have happened really fast)?
Do I need to empty the filter and try to start the whole thing up again?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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