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I completely agree. I have a 2217 as well as a Fluval 405 on my 75g planted tank, and the Eheim is MUCH better. The flow is not quite as strong, but the maintenance is much easier and it runs a little quieter. I really like that if you shine a light up to the 2217 you can see whats goin on in your can, unlike the Fluval. Oh, and I have broken the "AquaStop" twice on my fluval. POS.

The only thing I don't like about it is the fact that there are no media baskets included, which the Fluval has. (You could prob make your own baskets if one was so inclined...)

Regarding where to buy whatever canister you are looking for, I would say Craigslist. Up here in Baltimore though, canisters are hard to come by. I did get my Fluval in a package with a 29g for $50, and my 2217 with my 75g tank for $150. Also got another canister (Fluval 403) when my neighbors moved out and left it on their porch :D

There is a local guy around here that has a rena xp2 for $60 and a fluval 305 for $80. Also has an FX5 for $175 :drooling: Wish I had the cash! You never know what you can find.

Hope that helps.
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