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WillWork4Fish16 said:
Oh, and I have broken the "AquaStop" twice on my fluval.
I just remembered I left the AquaStop valve closed after my water change tonight! Thanks!

The 2213 is a fine canister - I have one on my 29 gallon South American tank. It runs quietly (as do my Fluval 405 and Fluval 105) and is easy to clean (as are my Fluval 405 and Fluval 105.)

My only problem with it is the ugly green hosing. If you don't mind the colour or are able to cover it up then you may not care.

Oh, and the instructions that come with it are pretty unhelpful, especially if you've never set up an Eheim.

But Frank makes a good point: if you're looking at the 2213, see if the 2215 or 2217 are in the budget. Bigger is (almost) always better!

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