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DIY - Egg Tumbler
by MudbugnLouisiana

I want to start off by crediting Jay Smith, Ted Judy and Dale R. Grover. They are the ones to thank for inventing and contributing to this design. I am in no way trying to steal their design or knowledge. I am also not making any kind of profit by writing this article. I built the tumbler with some of my own design and it works great. I decided to share it with all of you in case anyone wants a cheap, homemade egg tumbler.

I built this tumbler for 15 dollars. The parts you will need are as follows:

  • A Hydro-Sponge I filter for 10 gallon tanks made by Aquarium Technology Incorporated-NO. HS910
  • A pack of LEE's Carbon Cartridges for Fish Bowl or Fritz Bowl Filters-Cat.NO. 13028
  • A 3-inch long piece of 3/8-inch inside diameter clear, plastic tubing
  • A piece of 3/16-inch thinwall inside diameter clear, plastic tubing cut the length you desire for your airline to plug into.

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The first thing you want to do is get rid of the base extension on The Hydro-Sponge I, but put back the weighted base. Cut the lift tube on The Hydro-Sponge I to 3 inches tall. Now take a LEE's Carbon Cartridge and pull the black end cap off so you can dump out the charcoal and filter floss inside of it. This is going to become the egg chamber. Rinse the cartridge out and put the black endcap back on. Place the egg chamber tapered side down into the lift tube of the Hydro-Sponge I. You can then take the 3 inch piece of 3/8 inch diameter tubing and stick it into the black endcap of the egg chamber. This forms the lift tube for the egg chamber. Now place a piece of 3/16 inch thinwall plastic tubing inside the 3/8 inch tubing for your airline to attach to. As far as the tumbler goes you are finished!! For those who rather make the airline tubing attached to the 3/8 tubing; you can drill or melt a hole into the 3/8 tubing for the 3/16 to fit into. Make the hole just above the black endcap of the egg chamber. Once you get the hole correct for the 3/16 tubing to fit into, you can heat the 3/16 tubing and bend it the shape you want it. Now attach it to the sides of the 3/8 tubing with a hot glue gun, a solvent or glue that is non-toxic to fish. Be careful if you heat the tubing because it bends really fast.

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After you decide which method you prefer to attach the 3/16 tubing you are done. Attach airline tubing to the 3/16 plastic tubing and control the pump output with a gang valve to adjust your tumble rate. Just open the black endcap so you can place the eggs inside the egg chamber and you are ready to tumble.

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: Tumbling Eggs by Marc Elieson

Disclaimer: By building this DIY project you agree not to hold the author or the owners of this Web site responsible for any injury or bodily harm you may cause to yourself or others. Always wear safety glasses when working with tools and keep chemicals and power tools away from children. Read and understand all safety instructions pertaining to equipment prior to use.
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