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EBJD tankmates

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Hello everybody, I am getting a couple juvie EBJD's.

Is there any tankmates that anyone can suggest??

I want to hear any and all suggestions.
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I'm guessing they are under 3", and in that case, keep them by themselves. I would suggest until they get over the 3" mark to keep them in a barebottom tank with only the EB's in it. They are ver sensitve to water quality, very easily picked on, and very messy. If you MUST have something, some kind of juvie liver bearer(s) would work. Keep in mind though, whatever you add is also going to add waste to the water.

Congrats on picking up a great fish though. They have a great personality, and when they get larger are even more beautiful than their cute juvie forms. You have yourself a very rewarding fish.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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