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EBJD tankmates

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Hello everybody, I am getting a couple juvie EBJD's.

Is there any tankmates that anyone can suggest??

I want to hear any and all suggestions.
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They are delicate as juvis…

If they are expensive or hard to find in your area (as they are in most areas) I would take extra steps to protect them. A UV light is a very worth while investment when keeping a species known to be sensitive toward parasitic illnesses.

I found my Dominant Blue Dempseys to be as active/aggressive as standard Dempseys, although slower growing. Firemouthes are slow growers as well and I’ve had good luck growing them out side by side…

If I were in your shoes and had a 180 gal as the long term home for them… I would grow the 3 out with some live bearers until they are 4~5â€
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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