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ebjd sick

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my electric blue jack Dempsey hurt himself a few weeks ago on a decoration. all looked well!


oh no!!!!

the hole has healed and appeared to look like a scar, but when i checked him this evening close up i had noticed where i thought it was healed is now very swollen. the size of a penny!!!! and it is starting to look slightly fuzzy!! :eek:

man!!! :( :( :(

parameters are as follows:

ph: 7.6
nitrite: 0
nitrate: 5
ammonia : 0
temp. 79

i have been doing 15g water change it is a 40g tank. every Saturday. still eating well, swimming a little funny, seems as if the swollen part is a little to heavy for him....?

what do i need to buy as far as meds tomorrow to add to the tank?

should i also lower the temp to 75 or 76 gradually? or no?

i added 2 tbl. salt to the tank, in the meantime. do i need to add more?

how many water changes for the infection should i do now?

oh man i am really upset. i really do not want to lose this guy after all i have done to keep him healthy..

by the way Kim, i did put a pot in there in the normal spot he hides at and he wont go in! he just sits on top it like its a rock! the little goof ball!
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o.k. so i treated with the Maracyn II for the first three days along with the Maracyn for the first three day. the i stopped using the Maracyn II and just used the Maracyn for an additional 5 days. for the last 5 days i also added melfix.

for a total of : Maracyn for 8 days Maracyn II for 3 days. and melafix for 5 days.

the spot is no longer swollen, no longer any fuzziness. no redness.

he still has his appetite.

however! ........

the spot is white, smooth, the size of a dime & slightly on the shiny side, kinda looks like ( sorry for the phrase but..) cooked fish?

the spot is not getting any smaller than the size stated above, wich was like for the past 3 days, but does look better than originally.

what should i do for him now? continue with Maracyn, switch meds ( after a huge water change of course) , continue with melafix?

by the way.... he is now using the pot to hide in!! i guess he just had to get used to it!

oh, and i almost forgot, he has been flashing for the past 2-3 days more than usual.
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