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E Melanogenys

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Just picked up a group of these guys. I kept Kilesa a while back, they did great but I ended up trading them for some tri color cyps...

Anyway This new group (8 of them only 1 can I confirm is male) I picked up were quite small, probably 1.25 inches. Just was wondering how long it takes for Enants to grow to maturity/sexable size having never raised enants before (My kilesa group was grown)?
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They will start to color up around 3to 4 inch. But males will sometimes pull what furcifer a foai do and wait to color up till they are even over 4". The only reason I know this is that I just picked up some wild kilesa a few months back and one of the 4" + females started to get color and sure enough now its a fully colored male. Not sure if this happens alot as with all my captive raise enants they colored up by 3" and I never had one pull this hiding its color till it was over 4".
And from what I have experienced as soon as they color up and start making there pits/mounds they start breeding. Seem for me to happen at the same time, coloring up/breeding
Thanks. How long does it take to get to 4 inches from 1.5 inches?

I remember having a male in drag in my last group of Kilesa too, interesting.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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