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Hello, not cichlids I know, but my wife's dwarf gouramis (1 male, 2 females), introduced to her community tank some 3 weeks ago seem to be suffering with an illness of some kind.

Initially they thrived, the male coloured brilliantly and constructed a bubblenest, breeding with both plump females!

But after the bubblenest was destroyed during a water change, the male and one of the females seem to develop patches of colourlessness on dorsal and anal fins and now with the male, this has spread along his top half and bottom half up to his chin.

The fish do appear in good health other than this, feeding normally and sparring/chasing as usual.

But this does appear an illness and the pigment disappearing is increasing daily.

I am wondering about the iridovirus I've been reading about, it does not appear to be finrot or any other 'standard' illness I'm familiar with.

The fish are in a 30gal tank with 5 harliquins 5 red tail tetras, 2 rainbow gudgeons and a spotted bulldog pleco. Water paramiters are all very healthy, ammonia and nitrites at 0, nitrates at less than 10ppl. pH at 6.8

Any advice?
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