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Dwarf Cichlids how many pairs in a 120L tank?

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Hi I have just set up a new 120L tank which I want to centre around my SA Dwarf Cichlids... I've cycled the tank and added the first lot of fish to the tank... I'm slowly replacing my nasty hard tap water with nice soft RO water because I'd really really like to put some nice Blue Rams in my tank which seem to need perfect water conditions.... my tank is 30"l x 12"w x 18"high I already have a pair of A.cacatuoides and a pair of A.panduro which have already setup territories either end of the tank, my tank also houses 2 very small Clown Plecos, 2 Flag Tail Cats, 6 Lemon Tetras and 3 Tiger shrimp, which both pairs of Cichlids ignore completely... just wondering if you guys think my tank is big enough to add a pair of Blue Rams... or would I be pushing it? :-?
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I would be concerned about aggression between the pairs of apistos at the moment. My advice is to watch the tank for a month just to make sure that the two apisto species are compatible. The first real test should come if one pair spawns. You should have a quarentine tank available.
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