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Dumb question - Wet/Dry Filter

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this is gonna sound really stupid, but, how does the suction start from the tank to the overflow box? Or should it start on its own? If so, what am I doing wrong? If not, help please :oops:
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it depends on your style of overflow box. Most need to be primed, but once primed, they will restart on their own. Is yours using u-tubes? an aqualifter?
It has a U tube
U-tubes with no pump attached usually need an assist to get them started. Once started, the water should flow fast enough to push air through the utube to keep a permanent flow going. I used to use an airline thread up into the u-tube and either my lungs or a pump to remove all air from the tube. Make sure to fill the overflow with water... I once had a friend who wondered why no water filled the u-tube when he didnt fill the water up on both sides :lol:
wow! good thing I'm not a brain surgeon, huh? LOL
Thx a bunch
Well... If you were you would pay someone else to worry with it... :thumb:

Man - that'd be nice...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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