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This is my first post and I really appreciate your expertise and assistance.

I'm anticipating getting back into the hobby with African cichlids after having been out for a long time. Still very much in the planning stage. As I've been researching, I've been amazed at how far things have progressed and how little I know about these new developments.

So I thought it best to start with a very basic topic which will have a lot of design considerations.

I think I want to put in a DIY drip system but I can't find a definitive answer as to whether it's possible to remove chloramines on a low volume (perhaps 5 to 10 gallons per day) drip system by running the water through a typical three stage filter system (sediment and two carbon blocks or more if that's what it takes). I know my municipal water will come in at the max chloramine level and a PH around 7.6. And I don't think I want RO because I want to retain all of the minerals and other elements in the water.

Assuming the chloramines can be removed in this way, I would also appreciate any recommendations on the filter system and the filter cartridges. I'm thinking it would be helpful if the filter system had the capability to draw samples at each stage to test and determine when the cartridges need to be replaced.

My objective is to minimize water changes with a drip system, great filtration and an algae scrubber to remove nitrates and phosphates. Just getting too old to schlep water around.

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