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my class is going on a feild trip to the creek and i was wondering can i get some wood from a fallin over tree and put it in a rubber maid container and boil it and all that stuff cuz i would like some drift wood in my tank o and if it is safe can i drill holes in it thanks alot in advance

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Sure ya can...

I've had very bad luck using locally found wood that had not been submerged... about 4 out of 5 pieces grew a very ugly white mold on it while in my tanks. I didn't loose any fish but I removed the funky wood as soon as I noticed it growing...

I've had fairly good luck using pieces that had been submerged for a year or more. Probably 2 out of 3 remained usable...

Soft woods will turn into soft driftwood... So ask the teacher/professor to teach you about the difference between hard wood trees and soft wood trees... if you can turn finding driftwood into a lesson you may be able to get him to find it for you ;)

I have some 6' long, 2~4" Diameter sticks that half float going from left to right at the top of my 6' 125 gal tank... I really like the way it looks and the fish highly appreciate them as well. It allows the fish to swim in 'open water' while still feeling protected from above. I believe this encourages my fish to spend more time in clear site...

Boiling will kill bacteria/fungus/bugs/etc as well as pull out some of the tannins... I've heard of people boiling in salt water. I've been told this helps "seal" the wood preventing it from breaking down. I don't know much about this though so I hope someone else enlightens us.

Let us know how it goes...
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