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Hello everyone!

Since the death of our last male Dragon Blood, we decided to get another one for the tank. We also got a couple more girls for him. There was one female left in the tank, as the others also died a couple months ago. The problem is, the poor new male is a bit of a wuss. The older female chases HIM and the other girls around like she's the boss of them, and he does nothing about it. I'm wondering if this is normal behavior for Dragon Bloods? The new girls we got aren't quite sexually mature yet, but the male certainly is. He is this gorgeous reddish-orange color, and his name is Smaug.

The tank mates are:

Yellow labs
Deepwater Haps/Star Sapphire Cichlids (The two fish are practically the same fish since they're so closely related)

We've had no problem breeding cichlids in the past, it just seems that the Dragon Bloods are more finicky. Any advice would help!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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