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Double 55 Gallon Stand
by Brian Falcone

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At this point I attached the plywood to the top of the shelves.

Wood Rectangle Wood stain Hardwood Gas

I did it this way so I could be sure that the 38" 2x4s went from plywood top to the ground. I screwed the uprights from three sides.

Table Wood Rectangle Natural material Wood stain

After correcting a mis-cut from Home Depot, the 31 pieces went on the outside of the main 2x4 uprights so that the weight of the outer frame does not rest on the drywall screws.

Dog Wood Carnivore Fawn Wood stain

Once I got those pieces on I put on the plywood on the end, and then did the same thing to the other side. Next step is to double check the width of the inside (where the bottom 55 would go) and then cut a piece of plywood to fit. For all plywood to 2x4 I used the 1" drywall screws.

Rectangle Wood Floor Wood stain Road surface

At this point I had a piece of nice looking laminated pressed board from an old entertainment center that I used on the top just to make it look nicer.

Table Wood Rectangle Wood stain Hardwood

Here is what it looks like once everything is done. Of course the tanks will be cleaned up a bit more before they are filled.

Furniture Cabinetry Table Drawer Wood

I enjoyed my project and I am please to be able to share it with you all!
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