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So I raised these Labidochromis hongi fry from hatchlings that were in my LFS. They had just gotten them from a female in one of their selling tanks and had nowhere to keep them, so they asked if I'd take them for free (of course I will!!!!) That was a while back.
Lately this one, who I would estimate is 1.5" long, has been looking a little... odd. Its chin is distended like it's holding eggs, and its belly looks a little bit sunken in. I'd wager that it is NOT holding eggs because it's only a 1.5" long fish, but it does also do that motion with its mouth that makes it look like it's chewing. Should I be concerned? I added a link to the picture above - pardon the algae.
Edit: I now realize that this should've been posted in the Illness, Health, and Nutrition forum section..
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