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On May 22nd I received 40 Tropheus half Dubs and half Red sp. When I feed my fish all but one dub comes and eats. This has been goning on for a month. During the feeding he just scrapes the rocks. Otherwise he is normal and the only time I can pick him out is when I feed. I have a small tank I could put him in, but I would never be able to get him (He looks like all other Dubs.) I have been feeding them pellets from the supplier. About a week a go I mixed the pellets from the supplier with NLS (about 50/50). I do bi-weekly water changes of 30%. My pH=8.1 Nitrate>5ppm Nitrite = 0 Ammonia = 0. (175 gallon) Should I treat for bloat or just let him be.

Thanks for any Help

Mike :-? :fish: :-? :fish:
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