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Does he have bloat???

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On May 22nd I received 40 Tropheus half Dubs and half Red sp. When I feed my fish all but one dub comes and eats. This has been goning on for a month. During the feeding he just scrapes the rocks. Otherwise he is normal and the only time I can pick him out is when I feed. I have a small tank I could put him in, but I would never be able to get him (He looks like all other Dubs.) I have been feeding them pellets from the supplier. About a week a go I mixed the pellets from the supplier with NLS (about 50/50). I do bi-weekly water changes of 30%. My pH=8.1 Nitrate>5ppm Nitrite = 0 Ammonia = 0. (175 gallon) Should I treat for bloat or just let him be.

Thanks for any Help

Mike :-? :fish: :-? :fish:
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Sorry should be Nitrates < 5ppm
I have a couple mpulungus that act that way... I think they just don't like to eat with the crowd... I would say if it has been going on for a month you good... Bloat kills pretty fast!
If he is eating the algea, I would let him be, could be that he doesn't like the food or he is a male that is afraid someone will take his territory if he leaves for a minute. If he doesn't like the food, he will eat it eventually. I would definately keep an eye on him though, watch for the stringy poo.
Are these guys adults or juviniles?

I have had wild caught fish that I had to feed seaweed and romaine to for over 6 weeks before I finally got them to eating flake foods and pellets.

As long as he is active and foraging on the rocks and bottom, he is probably finding enough to sustain him. But he is going to quickly fall behind if all the others are eating the manufactured foods.

Put a veggie clip of seaweed in there and see if he takes to that. You can also use flake food with a couple drops of garlic on them, might get him enticed enough to try it.

IF he looks sickly, bugging eyes, bulging sides, staying in the very top, or the very bottom, then he is most lilely sick and needs treated.

If he is just acting normal except not eating manufactured foods, I would not have any problem with him unless it whent more than 6- 8 weeks.

Hope this helps...

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The fish are not wild and range from 1.5" to 2.0" in size.

Thanks for the help
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