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Do you have Kenyi experience?

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I'm looking for an expert opinion on Kenyi...

I have 2 females in my 60 gallon tank (48 in long) along with 5 red zebras, 5 yellow labs, and soon to be 6 acei. At first I had decided that I was going to take the kenyi out because of their reputation for being very aggressive... but right now, everyone is getting along "swimingly" (pardon the pun) even though everyone is sexually mature and hormones are racing (not quite full grown however about 3.5 inches currently).

My question is... are male kenyis the bad boys? or are the girls just as bad? I would like to avoid removing them... but also don't really want to play the wait and see game if I am without a doubt going to have a problem with them eventually.

These are my first Kenyi and I bought them not knowing anything about the species (duh... not smart, I know!)... forgive me :oops:

Thanks in advance for any insight!!
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I have Acei in my 55, they work out nicely in there :thumb:
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