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Do Synos and Plecos get along?

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I have a 120g Malawi cichlid tank that has one BN Pleco in it. She's been a nice addition. She's a lot less reclusive than I expected and has done an unbelievable algae control job.

I've been thinking about adding three S. petricola or possibly lucipinis. Will that work, or will the Synos bully the pleco? The pleco gets along fine with the cichlids, and I would expect the cicihlids and the synos to get along fine. I just have no clue how plecos and synos get along. I don't want to turn the floor of my tank into a battlefield! Thanks for your input.
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I have a BN in with 6 S.Lucipinnis and 5 S.Multipunctatus. If anyone bothers the BN, it's the cichlids.
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