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cichlid_kid96 said:
they will kill each other. i have heard that if u have a 600 gallon tank it is good to put like 6 of them together but no less the large number allows aggression to spread out but i would def not reccomend a buddy because in a few months that buddy will turn into food
I dont like when people are this blunt without bringing their own experiance or rought facts.

Thats why everyone likse the fish guy because he always provides usefull, indepth decriptions and has plenty of experiance.

Anyway, my experiance, i have 2 oscars in a 150gal all fine still, yes they ocassionaly show each other whos boss but no harm is done, they are 9 months old now (around 8-9 icnhes). No idea if they are male or female. I also have 5 giant danios as dithers.

When i brought my 2 oscars they hid for the first 5 hours but i dont know if its because i have 2 but they both came out looking for food together.

BUt like Fish Guy said "What size tank do you have now? You talked of upgrading but from what?"
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