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Do demasoni differ from male -- female?

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So, I just bought 9 demasoni from a LFS.

When purchased some had a very light shimmery gold section of scales on their sides. Around the front two fins(that stick out on each side like ears).

I thought nothing of it until one just recently got very ill and died.
Called the LFS and they are very sure that this is the sex difference/markers of p.demasoni and that the gold around the fins is common and I should not be concerned.

Now... my question is.... is that true?
All the pictures I have seen on this site and web do not have this same marking.
Did I buy sick fish? :-?
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Caught your other post and I appreciate all the information you have provided.

I just was getting conflicting information from the LFS and was frustrated that they were trying to tell me that it was normal.

Thanks for confirming that it is not normal!
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