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Hello all, im posting this in the malawi section as this is an inquiry and gets good amount of traffic. It also has to do with malawi cichlids.

Im getting a 125 g tank, finally, and i also purchased fish that the seller still had in the tank. He was going to bring them to the local shop and get like $15 credit per fish on some extremely nice haps. So he sold them to me for $10, these guys are 5-7 inches easily. Livingstoni, Venestus, Compressicep, fusco, blue alhi, and a non hap frontosa and OB Peacock. However i still have 2-3 inch fish in my 90 that i will be moving over into the 125. Im a little worried on the little guys, dont want to lose any, and i can only have 1 tank. I have to make a DIY tank divider.

Has anyone built one? Specifically for larger tanks and fish.

So will this idea work for larger fish? if i cant keep the big guys i will rehome them, but i got a wicked deal and want to make it work until my blue dolphins grow out. The Frontosa will be rehomed once i find someone who can give it a good home.

This is the link ... ers-21866/
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