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DIY LED Conversion
by David Fair (kubby)

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With the blocks in place but not screwed in, measure the 18 gauge wire and add a little for each base. I did one base at a time. The wire just pushes into the hole in the back of the base. Now screw the base to the wood block. Then screw the block to the reflector. I used some pre-existing holes in the reflector to carefully thread the wire out of the way.

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Now take one wire from each base and use a wire nut to connect them to the original wires from the power cord that was on the light fixture. Then the other wires from the bases to the other wire off of the power cord. I had 4 wires plus the power cord wire so I used a larger wire nut than the original. Reattach the secondary ground wire to the reflector. This is a must as it sets off the ground fault protector which could keep you alive if a light fell into the water. My original light came with a three prong plug so that third wire is part of the unit.

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Reassemble the reflector to the cover. Plug the LED lights into the bases and plug the light into to wall to test it out. Everything should be working. If not, unplug the power and check the connections. Start with the wire nuts first, then the bases. But if you took your time and double checked during the retrofit you shouldn't have any problems.

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Not a lot of difference in brightness but a lot of difference on the total wattage. If you have any questions, PM kubby.
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Originally published in The Lateral Line, the official publication of the Hill Country Cichlid Club.
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