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DIY LED Conversion
by David Fair (kubby)

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This is what the LED lights look like. The color of the plastic will vary between suppliers:

Azure Rectangle Input device Font Electric blue

Find yourself a good place to work and gather up all your tools and materials. Remove the bulbs and separate the reflector plate from the fluorescent light cover. Careful not to damage the plastic tabs that hold the pieces together. Others will have screws or even glue. They will be needed when putting it all back together. Remove the ballast and bulb bases from the unit. I was able to leave the wire and switch attached to the cover which will be used for the final project.

Wood Bumper Electrical wiring Automotive exterior Cable

Determine how many lights you want to use under the hood and space them out evenly. Mark the reflector where the lights will be mounted. On a 48" light strip I used 4 lights.

Wood Automotive exterior Table Hardwood Wood stain

This was the hardest part of the project... the LED bases are meant to hold the lights horizontally. I used the 1x2 strips of wood and cut them to fit inside the reflector. Drill some holes into the reflector and use them as guides to drill into the wood blocks. This will make it easier to mount. I also predrilled some holes into the wood where the LED bases would be mounted. Once drilled, the wood blocks were painted. Now, DO NOT screw the blocks into the reflector yet!

Pneumatic tool Automotive tire Handheld power drill Wood Drill

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