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I needed an aquarium diver. The 75 gallon divider you can buy on amazon was 50.00 and that didn't include suction cops to hold it in place. The youtube videos I found for how to make your own aquarium divider were for small tanks. So I decided to try to build my own. I used PVC pipe to make the frame. I filled the bottom and sides of the frame with sand. I hot glued a nylon screen to the frame. I also had to put a thin strip of rubber on the sides. I got the rubber from from some weather stripping. This was needed because the pvc elbows were not flush with the pipe. I spent around 20 dollars for material. Not very pretty but it's a prototype that I could improve to look better. I should have made it an inch taller. Here is a pic: The pic I took was not on the side but for some reason it uploaded that way even if I edited the pic and rotated it.

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