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Diving Into Tropheus
by Evan Murphy

*** just recently decided to take my plunge into the world of Tropheus keeping after much thought, planning, and research. I had to find out for myself what the big deal was about these cichlids from Lake Tanganyika that everyone was ranting and raving about.
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When I first heard about these guys and saw some pictures my curiosity was instantly sparked. I immediately started doing some research and initially was left feeling very intimidated by the general impression that overall Tropheus were very difficult fish to keep. The most discouraging information I read was that Tropheus were very susceptable to "bloat." After reading more about this illness called "bloat" I came to the conclusion that there were several things I could do to try and prevent this illness from ruining my Tropheus-keeping experience. The three main things that I think are the most important in having happy and healthy Tropheus and preventing "bloat" are 1) overall stable and good water quality, 2) only feeding small amounts of food two to three times a day, and 3) keeping the stress levels at a bare minimum.

When it finally came time to purchase my Tropheus I decided to try one of the supposedly easier species, Tropheus duboisi. Just because these are one of the easier species to keep doesnt mean they are not packed with character or are any less enjoyable than any other Tropheus. When I first added them to my tank I was amazed at their activeness and instantly fell in love with my little polka dot buddies. *** now been keeping my Tropheus for about five months and have enjoyed every second of it and have often found myself glued to the tank for hours watching away. Now I often ask myself why I didnt do this sooner.
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