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Dissolving Dividers?

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Anyone have this happen to a divider sold to be used in fish tanks? It's happened twice to me now. :x

I must have some scary water. :roll:
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Uh, no. :) And I thought we had bad water in NE Ohio.
Thats strange :?

Could the lighting have anything to do with it?
Just a standard bulb on a standard all glass hood. I swear this last one is less than a year old. :-?
Following the light theory what about sunlight? :?
perhaps the fish get hungry in the middle of the night and try to snack on it? :fish:
No sunlight.

They are recently purchased dividers...I'm assuming the newer material is a poorer quality.

Guess I will be making one from least for the adult tanks. I usually have an extra male or two awaiting his trip to auction.
I had the same problem happen to my dividers. I avoid them now. Maybe someone will mass produce a quality durable one. The one's I used were cheap flimsy plastic. The holes would clog with detrius, and I started using an algae brush on it. Guess that weakened it and caused it to rip!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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