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Noticed this small white spot sticking out the side of a fish today. He's acting totally fine.

Any idea what it could be?
Hoping it's just a little nip from another fish as he has had a little nip on a scale there previously.

Stock list as per below in a Juwel 450 with a Fluval FX4 and a generic 2000L EFX+

3 Red Top Hongi
2 Moori dolphins
2 Strawberry peacocks firefish
2 Venustus giraffe
2 Livingstoni rock
2 obliquidens zebra
2 Nyererei
2 OB Marmelade
2 Red zebra
1 Apache
1 Yellow OB
1 Ndumbi
1 Acei
2 Yellow Peacocks
1 Stuartgranti/Steveni?
1 Bristlenose pleco


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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