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Discus tankl

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Just thought I would share a few pics from my tank seems it got chosen TOTM:

Thanks, Jackie
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This is one of the most stunning and natural looking tanks i have ever seen. Awesome job. I wish I had someone I knew who lived near me that I could work with on things like this.
Nice tank!!!! :thumb:
I'll leave a comment as soon as I pick my jaw up off of the floor... :drooling:
It's easy to see why it's TOTM, Jackie!


WOW!! :drooling:

What an awesome tank you have there and your discus are beautiful!!!! :thumb:
Now I know what to do with my 150 tall was thinking hard about doing something like this..
:drooling: Beautiful tank...

What size tank is that and what kind of plants are those?

:popcorn: :dancing: awsome, i love that branch. what is that?
beautiful tank *** always wanted to do a discus setup
also wondering what branch it is? species of tree
I think all the posters above sum up my opinion.

Wow thanks everyone.
To answer questions the tank is 210g 6ft tank. The branch was picked up in the mountains after a pond had dried up so it had been under water a long time and I didn't have to deal with tannins. I am not sure on the species but I will see if my husband remembers.
I think that was all the questions oh except what the plants are they are mostly different swords with some crypts and vals in the mix.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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