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Discus question

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So here is my issue. I am contemplating changing my 120 gallon tank to a tanganyikan tank from it's current state as a discus tank. The reason I am considering this is because my tap water comes out at a ph of like 8.6 so I have been adding 7.0 buffer to try and keep it around 7.6 or so. Does anyone know or have any experience with keeping discus in the mid 8 ph range? Obviously I wouldn't raise it right away and would do it slowly over weeks but does anyone know if this would work? The water is very soft since it runs through a softener but the ph is a concern. Any ideas would be great!! Thanks!
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First of all,....are they domesticated or wild discus. If they are wilds, are we talking abouth brown/blue, greens or heckels?

In case of domesticated discus,.....I keep mine in straight tap water at PH=8 and GH=9 and I even breed them in my tap water. PH is one thing but how abouth your GH? If the water is indeed soft it will be easier to keep the discus in straight tap water. Just try and gradually add less buffer with every water changes and see how they respond. A happy discus is bright colored one with a light base color.
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