Dimidiochromis kiwinge

Dimidiochromis kiwinge. Photo by Ad Konings​

Found throughout Lake Malawi, Dimidiochromis kiwinge is a large and aggressive predator that often hunts in large packs. Its preferred prey is the small Malawi sardine, but D. kiwinge will gladly consume any fish that will fit in its mouth. Males build sand bowers for breeding and many males often build their bowers nearby creating large groupings. When spawning, D. kiwinge can be very territorial and aggressive, but that behavior usually only lasts until spawning season is over.

Due to their size, Dimidiochromis kiwinge is rarely seen in the hobby. Males can easily reach over 13 inches in length making them suitable for only the largest of aquariums. They need room to roam and although they are predatory in nature, being well fed in the aquarium will mellow their normal behavior. A sandy bottom with some rocks is recommended to recreate their breeding environment. A diet high in protein is a must. Successful spawning in the aquarium is rare, but not impossible. To discuss this species visit the Lake Malawi Species forum.