Dimidiochromis dimidiatus

Dimidiochromis dimidiatus. Photo by Dave Hansen​

Found in shallow waters with sandy bottoms, Dimidiochromis dimidiatus is a predatory fish widely distributed throughout Lake Malawi. It has the typical elongated shape of other piscivores, but also feeds on invertebrates. Males can reach 7" in length while females are a little shorter. D. dimidiatus is the smallest member of the genus which includes D. compressiceps, the Malawi Eye Biter.

In the aquarium Dimidiochromis dimidiatus is an active fish that requires lots of room. Care should be taken to ensure that tank decorations don't cause scratches or other injuries. D. dimidiatus is peaceful, but will eat anything that it can fit into its mouth. Tank members should not be too aggressive and care should be taken to ensure that a protein based diet is given. To discuss this species visit the Lake Malawi Species forum.