digital aquarium

The title, digital aquarium technology, does not mean the latest version of Fish Farmville or virtual aquarium. The digital technology I'm referring to is the type that will help you maintain and safeguard your fish. For the more tech-savvy hobbyists there are a couple different products that might help integrate fishkeeping and your latest smartphone. The first type of product is a digital manager/log. Available for both iOS and Android, these digital aquarium managers will help keep track of your tank's inhabitants, water conditions and maintenance schedules. Whether you have an iPhone or Android device, check your app store for what is available. It may take a little searching with the right keywords to find something you can use.

The other type of product is more than an app. Using a water detector designed for general home use, you can detect water leaks before they destroy your livingroom and your fish. These water detectors can use your home's WiFi signal to notify your smartphone that there is a leak. If temperature and humidity levels are something you need to watch, these types of devices can also help you monitor those levels too. These types of products do require a substantial initial investment, but it may be worth it.