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Difference between heavy breathing and holding eggs

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I have a female Salousi that I'm not sure if she is holding eggs or breathing hard from stress.
I can't get a good view to see if her buccal cavity is full.

I've read in the forums that a sick or stressed fish can look as to have labored breathing. Does that resemble tumbling eggs in her mouth?

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Tumbling eggs looks more like chewing gum. They don't really open their mouths much.

If you can post a pic, we can probably tell you if she's holding.

Is the fish in question behaving oddly otherwise?

I don't think she's holding.

Have you lost any other fish recently?

Are they all eating and behaving normally otherwise?

Any white stringy feces?

How are the others doing?

If it is bloat, you'll need to treat the main tank, as well.

You can do so with medicated antiparasitic food, if they are all eating.

You will also want to squeeze in extra water changes and substrate vacuumings to remove infected feces.

4 days is a pretty long shipping time. I would definitely ask for a refund, unless you wanted them to be shipped that way. If they weren't packed properly and fasted before shipping, that can also present problems. I don't order fish via mail for these reasons.

This is why it's a good idea to have a QT set up...Your other fish don't get exposed to anything the new fish might bring in, and the new fish don't have to deal with the stress of being shipped and the aggression and territorial issues that can arise with the introduction to an established tank.

I would go ahead and feed the antiparasitic food for a week, just to be certain, but odds are the deaths were caused by poor shipping.

Fish don't always look bloated with bloat...They can also become emaciated. Most dead fish appear bloated.

White feces isn't usually a problem unless it's accompanied by other bloat like symptoms.

1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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