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tigger101023 said:
so far, I've been feeding "veggie flake" (that's mostly meat) that I had on hand and NLS cichlid formula to my mbuna tank - yellow labs, cobalt zebras and acei, so all herbivores from what I read. I'm looking for a more plant based food and the LFS had "HBH spirulina super soft". The ingredient label looks pretty good for an herbivore - anyone have any good or bad experience with those pellets or have a different recommendation? should I still give them NLS too?
They aren't all herbivores.

Yellow Labs primarily dine on insect larvae and small crustaceans.

Cobalts and acei dine on the aufwuchs, the algae on the rocks, that also contains insect larvae and small crustaceans. Most cichlids are also opportunistic, will eat plankton in the column above rocks, as well as any fry they can catch.

The foods recommended will work fine though.
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