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Designer Red Oscars

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Hello all. I'd like to get in touch with some folks that are breeding Red oscars. (not red tigers)

I've been looking at my LFSs and they dont have any high quality red oscars for sale. The young ones are all emaciated and sickly.

In general, I've always found that the healthiest fish come from hobbyists anyways....

(I hope I'm not breaching any forum rules, so Mods...please feel free to do what you need to do if necessary)

I'd like to acquire 6-8, 2-3 inch red oscars.

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well even though people would hate to do this

if you can just get some from petco or petsmart.
i had to do that.
...ya....been thinking about doing just that.
The discussion board is for aquaria related discussion of a non-commercial nature only. Feel free to post a wanted ad in the trading post however.

Good luck with you oscar search,
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