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My current setup is a 55 gallon tank with driftwood on one side and lace rock on the other side. I have a jd and gt in this tank along with 6 giant danios. For fiiltration I have a marineland 350gph dual bio wheel filter and a powerhead rated at 170 gph (not running on an underground filter). My tank water is constantly at 82 degrees, and my water parameters are NO3 is at 5 ppm, NO2 is at .5, ph is about as close to 7 as you can get, and lastly ammonia is at 0.

So what I have noticed is, every now and then my jd seems to almost skip off only the driftwood. He like lays flat and skips off it almost, this is not an every day thing just sort of at random. He will also randomly shake his head like he is nodding "no." I do not see any signs of ich or other parasites, and from my understanding ich can't live above 80 degrees anyways.

Water changes are usually 25% every 5 days, and I feed hikari bio gold and hikari staple as a main diet. I also give them shrimp as a treat.

So am I making something out of nothing here, or do I actually have a problem?
Thanks for your help
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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