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In the near future i'll be setting up a 90 gallon and wanted to know if 6 demasoni, 6 lab hongi, 6 acei, and 4 peacocks would work. I'm looking to breed these fish and have heard the dems have to be in groups of like 12.
Would these 6 be ok or would the dom. male kill the rest off?
Any suggestions about numbers and species would be appretiated :)
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Atleast double the amount of Demasoni or you will eventually end up with 1. Peacocks will likely be really stressed with the schitzo demasoni..
I had 6 for quite some time, and just like many others i argued that they were doing fine.. then one day (after a couple years) one came up missing.. then a month or so later another.. then another until I had 1 male left. I have since added 9 more and they seem OK but will be adding more.

Since fish dont read books or the internet there will always be the exception to the rule but dont be suprised when the numbers begin to thin out when you break the rules...
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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