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In the near future i'll be setting up a 90 gallon and wanted to know if 6 demasoni, 6 lab hongi, 6 acei, and 4 peacocks would work. I'm looking to breed these fish and have heard the dems have to be in groups of like 12.
Would these 6 be ok or would the dom. male kill the rest off?
Any suggestions about numbers and species would be appretiated :)
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One other thing, with these numbers of fish (6a+6h+12d+4p=24 fish :eek: )
Maybe i don't know too much about stocking but it really seems like a lot of fish.
I may think about 8-10 dems and still deciding on the peacocks but wow, really.
Just think about maturity. Won't they need a bigger tank. I've got about 4 years to mess with them and will then be going to school. My parents definetly won't be taking care of my fish.
28 fish my B (it's like 12, lucky i caught myself)
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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