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In the near future i'll be setting up a 90 gallon and wanted to know if 6 demasoni, 6 lab hongi, 6 acei, and 4 peacocks would work. I'm looking to breed these fish and have heard the dems have to be in groups of like 12.
Would these 6 be ok or would the dom. male kill the rest off?
Any suggestions about numbers and species would be appretiated :)
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In a 90G you'd want more like 15 Demasoni and I'd be worried the peacocks wouldn't color up to their potential (or get enough to eat) in a tank with such aggressive mbuna.
Hongi and Demasoni are dwarfs, you can have more in a species group than you can with a 6" fish. Take a look at the numbers recommended in the cookie cutters for your tank size. To maximize odds of success, the Demasoni need at least 12 individuals regardless of the tank size to spread aggression so the alpha male won't pick off the other fish one-by-one.

(I learned the hard way, I decided 9 would work just fine. After a year I added more in a hurry!)
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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