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Hi all.

After years of keeping Discus and Apistos I've decided to do my first African tank, and have to say I'm loving it. The tanks been up and running a while now and is 48''x20''x16'' with two large canisters, one of which returns to an overhead trickle filter with extra media, so the tank has lots of filtration.

Kept stocking simple as new to Africans and gone with the 'relatively' less aggressive species!
Current stocking is...

8 yellow labs,
8 Acei,
1 Neolamprologus brichardi,
5 Synodontis Petricola.

Tank is doing great, fish all 3'' plus now and only aggression is the labs sparring amongst themselves a little. The Acei are way less territorial, swim around together happily while the labs all have their own little Rock or crevice to defend! The Brichardi leaves everyone alone and is totally ignored by all in return. Intention is to reduce numbers of labs and Acei eventually to get 1 to 4 mf ratio.

So, I really want Demasoni!!! What are people's thoughts on this? Would just one be ok? A small group? Would I be overstocked if went the 12+ route?

Would be great to hear views and opinions, especially if based on experiences, and just to confirm I'd be over the moon if people think just a solitary one would be ok?

Btw, I am aware the Brichardi isn't a Malawi species!!!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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